Fellowship Programme

Fellowship Programme

We have regrouped all of the human capital opportunities under one umbrella term, which we refer to as the fellowship programme. The fellowship programme aims to equip our fellows with the necessary skills to grow their business and to build their leadership capacity by drawing upon the experience and expertise of academics, practitioners, industry experts and entrepreneurs and by enabling peer learning.

The fellowship programme focuses on four key components as outlined below.


xvldeos免费中文视频One of the biggest challenges for any entrepreneur is to quantify the financial impact of their ideas and strategies. The financial modelling module aims to support fellows in building their roadmap for growth by showing them how their business model can translate into a financial forecast model and how this financial forecast model can be used to test different growth scenarios.

Entrepreneurs are often too wrapped up in the day to day details of their business. A mentor’s role is to help them take a step back and develop a long term vision.
Madhu Rajesh, INSEAD alumnae and former coach

The mentoring programme is a virtual programme created in partnership with the INSEAD Hoffmann Global Institute for Business & Society. We match each fellow with a volunteer mentor who acts as her sounding board by advising her and who supports her in refining her leadership skillset and business.



xvldeos免费中文视频The mentors are volunteers who are committed to supporting women entrepreneurs in their business endeavours. Regardless of their background, these are all established business leaders in their respective fields that have generously offered to support the fellows in their CWI journey.


As part of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, each fellow will have a series of high-stake speaking opportunities – presentation of their business to a jury panel, Q&A to jury, media interviews, sharing their story with a live audience during the ceremony.

xvldeos免费中文视频The workshops in this module will focus on the essentials of high-performance communications such as delivering clear and relevant messages, reading the room and adapting, handling tough questions, showing up with confidence and managing mind-set for greater poise.


We sponsor each fellow’s participation* in the to continue building out their knowledge base and to connect them with a community of likeminded social entrepreneurs.

xvldeos免费中文视频The ISEP programme brings together INSEAD’s renowned faculty with an international group of leaders in social entrepreneurship, to bridge the gap between human needs and the resources required to address them. Along with case study discussion and analysis, the programme creates a forum for the exchange of experiences and practical knowledge. Participants join a vibrant and active alumni network.

*Pending admission to the programme based on INSEAD’s eligibility criteria and selection process

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